Deaf Awareness Day at the Park! 2017

Deaf Awareness Day is quickly becoming one of best traditions of the year filled with great food, great games, and great company! See you at Deaf Awareness Day 2018!

Thank you to all the Guilford County School students who performed the national anthem, you guys rocked it!

Thank you to all the volunteer students from UNC Greensboro and Piedmont International University for your support efforts!

Thank you to all community partners including staff members at DSDHH and SDHHDC for all of your help planning this event. We appreciate Craig Blevins', President of the North Carolina Chapter of the Association of the Deaf, for his collaboration. We would also like to recognize and thank Sorenson Communications for sponsoring $1,000 towards this event!

Friends & Families with Guests: Greensboro Fire Department

The Greensboro Fire Department welcomed a few extra helping hands at CSDHH's Friends & Families Night! It's not everyday that we get to interact with firefighters and to talk about fire safety with a Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Late Deafened and/or Deaf Blind family focus. 

We would like to extend a BIG thank you to the Fire Department team for their time and for their fire safety presentation! 

Get Connected 2017

Together with many local businesses and agencies we helped connect over 50 immigrants and refugees in Guilford County to resources, services and representatives committed to enriching the lives of people with hearing loss! Thank you to all the partner agencies, vendors, committees, community volunteers and student interns who made this outreach project a success! 

A special thanks goes to the members of the Regional InterAgency Team, RIT, for their coordination efforts!