Not sure who you're looking for?
Reach us at or at 336-275-8878.


Need help with Advocacy Services, Outreach Services, or
Employment opportunities?

Kelle Owens, MPA
Executive Director
336-275-8878 ext. 7


Looking for help with interpreting services?

Maddie Driggers
Interpreting Service Coordinator
336-275-8878 ext. 2


Have a question about captioning services, client services, or volunteering?

Paige Sprinkle
Program Coordinator
336-275-8878 ext. 5


Have a question about ASL classes or social media ?

Matt Baccari
Staff Interpreter
336-275-8878 ext. 6


Sheryl Williamson
Accounts Receivable
336-275-8878 ext. 4


Stacey Shores
336-275-8878 ext. 4


Have a question about our T.A.G. Mentoring Program or Friends and Families?

Meredith Kaplan
Outreach Coordinator


Looking for Silent Dinner info? Contact:

Katie Sprayberry
Events Coordinator