Private Classes/Workshops

We have experience and are available to conduct private classes for various organizations. While our regular community classes are ideal for individuals or a few friends who want to learn basic skills, some organizations have a large enough group that it makes more sense to set up a specific class just for that group.

We can tailor the curriculum to be anything from a two-hour long workshop to ongoing weekly classes. This also has the benefit of allowing the schedule to be more flexible, and the content can be tweaked to match your exact situation.

In the past, we've conducted these classes for faculty at higher education institutions, for employees at businesses who have Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing employees who use sign language, for participants at youth centers, and even for government agencies. Recently, we hosted classes for the Guilford County Sheriff's Office!

Click the image to view the News and Record's website for the full story!

Click the image to view the News and Record's website for the full story!

If you'd like to request information about setting up private classes at your organization, please fill out the contact form below. Our sign language class coordinator will contact you shortly to discuss the details!


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