Our Entrance is Closed!


For a few weeks in December, our 1175 entrance will be closed. They're remodeling the walkway to the entrance, as well as that entire front area, in preparation for the new restaurant opening in early 2017.


Visitors to CSDHH can use two other entrances. There is still visitor parking all along the entire street, as well as in Lots A and B on this map:


The next entrance up the road from our entrance is the 1150 entrance. This is the closest entrance to us that is still accessible, and when you enter, you'll turn left and head back towards our office.

See pictures and video for further explanation:


The second entrance past ours is 1100, and is the handicap accessible/stair-free entrance. There are two accessible parking spaces right next to it. See pictures for more info about parking spaces.

This entrance also has an automated lift inside, so that visitors do not have to use any stairs to get to our office. See video below.


We apologize for any inconvenience this causes, and hope that our entrance is remodeled quickly!

If you have any questions, please contact our office at info@csdhh.org, 336-275-8878 (voice), or 336-542-3981 (VP).